Minor linux issues


Hello. I started playing on linux recently, and there are a couple of minor issues that keep popping from time to time.

  1. Sometimes the screen ends up in a wrong position - the top is cut and there is a thick (like 30 pixels) black line at the bottom. For 10 or so plays it only occured twice, and I’ not sure if it showed from the moment the game was created or after some moving swiching windows on the screen.

  2. When you choose a name for a character and press backspace a couple of times, on the third tap or so the cursor seems to disappears (or more specifically it seems to move to the very left border of the window and stays there for a few taps changing position a couple of pixels up with each. Then after 5 or six it resets back to its correct place and everything works ok… No idea how you did that :stuck_out_tongue: , I saw a fair share of bugs in my time, most of which I caused myself, but usually once something starts to dance all over the screen it doesn’t just come back XD

  3. I still keep getting the black background in mods.

Some of these issues seems to have been corrected already, but maybe the linux distribution wasn’t corrected? (I’m playing a linux version from steam v 1.1.34) No idea, I’m just reporting what I see. The issues are not major, nothing even obstructing the game much, but a bug is a bug :slight_smile: