Missing an unique armor



Been playing this game for close to 40 hours and am close to beating the game. But my achievement status tells me I miss an unique armor from the normal game. But as far as I can tell, I have 3 star’ed all of the maps.

Could this be because I went to play game+ and upgraded an armor, before I got the rest of them?

Side question: I am playing without any generic recruits and have around 160 gold stars so far. But the steam progression tracker say I have 0. Will this magically change when I get required 180? And if it does, could this mean that I will unlock the achievement for the unique armors if I’m able to upgrade all of them? (I dont know if I actually have them all)

Hope this makes sense, english is not a primary language.

And thanks a bunch for this magnificent game, I really hope there will be a sequel in the future.


Did you gold star all the maps?


1 Unique armor set has to be bought at a store,I believe it’s in the treasure chamber :slight_smile:


I too am missing this armor. I have all gold stars an purchased the one armor at the store, but the achievement shows me short 1 pc. Pretty frustrating.


Which achievement is it? Is it the one for having all unique armors, or all unique UPGRADED armors?


Having the armors.

I have found the armor I can’t get. It’s the Chieftain’s Tunic. Replaying the level doesn’t award it. This save game file dates back to the very first beta release. Perhaps this armor was added in a later version, and can’t be retro-actively awarded? Starting a new save game awards it like normal when that level is completed.

My original party is screwed, though!


For now the only option is hacking the savefile and adding the armor.


Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve tried to put “fix old save” import scripts that cover 99% of these cases but a few slip through. it’s pretty easy to manually add the missing armor, though. I’m not on my dev machine at the moment so I can’t tell you what the exact code would be, but here’s how you can find out yourself:

  1. Click on the “wrench” button in the save screen. This shows you your actual save files.
  2. Open a save file that has the chieftan’s tunic equipped to someone. (Open the file in a text editor) – DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES, just look at it.
  3. Look for the tag and look for an armor item that is equipped to the person who has the chieftan’s tunic in the game. Remember the “level”
  4. Open the save slot that has the problem in a text editor (BUT MAKE A BACKUP FIRST).
  5. Add an item entry to the tag for an armor with the same “level” as the item you’ve deduced is the chieftan’s tunic.
  6. Save the file and close it.
  7. Start defender’s quest, everything should be fixed.

Sorry it’s a pain, but you should only have to do it once.