Mods, is it possible


Some questions, I’ve downloaded defenders quest through “gog” and now I’m level 60.
Can I download mods somewhere besides steam?
Or can I download the mods on steam without having it registred on steam.
And if so, how do I download it?


The best I can say is to find mods you like from and ask the author if they can make the zip file available somewhere else. (You can post on the Steam game forums without actually owning the game; maybe It looks like Valve doesn’t want to make it possible to get the mod from them without owning the game through Steam.


There’s room on the moddb site for them: ... -forgotten

But I don’t see any there at the moment. I’m assuming I don’t have to be logged in to see them.

Also, there shouldn’t be any encryption for the mods you yank off steam. I played steam mods on my gog copy just fine.