Mods, Salutary Neglect, and Storks


Okay so let's talk about this whole Steam Workshop paid mods thing, the internet freakout, and its subsequent reversal.

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At least here in Germany, the Point “It’s a donation, not a payment! No legal issues!” would be a good point because there really won’t be any legal issues.

Since you can get the product (in this case, the mod) completely for free and every cent you give is completely optional, it’s a donation and therefor no problem with taxes.

And the “magical category” would be donation, it is it’s own category here.

Your comparison with the " “Limited Liability Company” fails in this regard, as it’s something completely different.


That’s a fair point; the problem is not all jurisdictions agree on this.


Yeah. When it comes to the USA I wouldn’t be sure about that as well. And I have no clue about any of the other countries, so it’s still a valid point in general.


Wait you pay for some mods? That’s just plain evil!


Not normally, but steam and bethesda had a trial of letting skyrim modders charge on the skyrim steam workshop. Massive community backlash caused them to reverse the decision.