Negative "scrap"?


I’ve started playing the game last December, and I’m enjoying it quite a lot (I’ve already preordered DEFQ2).
Lately, I’ve managed to get a scrap balance of “-4588” after some store transactions; I have no idea how that happened, and couldn’t reproduce it (with an old save).

Is this a known bug?

I’m running the game on Linux using the AIR SDK 2.6, not the bundled installer - could this be a problem?

The game version is 1.1.46, which is apparently the latest Linux version.


That version is ancient because Linux support was terminated (thanks, Steam). You’ll have to wait until the HD update comes out (or you can try out the demo right now) which supports Linux natively.


Thanks, already tried the HD demo - looks nice! :smiley:

I’ve just read the announcement about Linux on Steam; it’s a little disappointing, but I can understand the dev’s reasoning - if doesn’t make much sense to support the “classic” Linux version right now (at least on Steam, where most of the sales happen; and GOG.COM doesn’t even HAVE the Linux version).

But hopefully the HD version isn’t too far away…

In the meantime - I just downloaded the newest Windows version from Humble (1.1.52). unpacked it (using WINE), made a small modification to the application.xml file (AIR version 3.0 vs 2.6), and it seems to work fine under Linux with AIR SDK 2.6 (besides some minor background music looping issues).

So everything’s fine. :relaxed:

(Well except the negative “scrap”; IS this a known bug in older versions? Google turned up empty…)