Odd number instead of damage


I thought I’d make a mention of this. It doesn’t really affect my game, it doesn’t crash or run poorly, but I’ve noticed that on some of the later battles (so far only noticed it in New Game+), that when an enemy will attack a defender, instead of the damage received, I see this: 5A32D. Not sure what this means. I don’t know that I can duplicate it specifically, but I have noticed that it starts showing up far more frequently starting after the hand level near the end. Also, whenever this shows up, all my characters are usually past level 50. I’m currently running Windows XP SP3, the latest GOG build of the game.

Like I said, it doesn’t affect gameplay or anything, but it is something that I noticed.


Whoa, weird! Thanks for this.


You’re welcome. If it helps further, I’ve seen it most often on the Knight and Rangers and sometimes the number 5A32D as well.