Parade of Parasites: DQ2 progress report for March 2021

Howdy Defender's Quest fans! Today we have a progress report and a new build up on Steam for Windows/Linux.

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I really like the “parasites,” given their adaptability to different strategic gambits. Though I could wish the White Hats had more interesting minions, the tradeoff for white might appeal more to players who aren’t into min-maxing and just want sturdy units that explode when they go to the great Level Up Labs Vault in the sky.

Nice job. :slight_smile:

Wow, it makes me so happy that there is someone out that that is taking the design of a tower defence game seriously.

You’re doing a fantastic job of breaking down the decision making into the essential components and not making things more complicated just to make the game seem complex.

I have been looking forward to DQ2 for years now, and every time you post to your blog I’m still excited about it.