Progress on DQ2?


Uhm…so, hi guys,
I feel a little stupid to ask but will we get to see DQ1 HD or DQ2 anytime soon? I just stumbled across my order confirmation, dated 12/12/2013, so…

Your progress tracker still shows “Pre-Alpha” as “Current Phase” (although it also says Pre-Alpha complete and Alpha as well as the port almost complete), the FAQ still say “alpha and beta sometime in 2014” which does not really tell us anything. I definitely appreciate you focussing on the development instead of wasting time on marketing and communication but a little update would be great :blush:



Alexios said what everyone is thinking. Please do something LevelupLabs


The progress tracker is your best bet. The estimates are outdated but alpha should be done by 2016 (also please notice that DQ1HD and DQ2 are being worked on at the same time).


I know what you mean Alexios; I originally pre-ordered this around the same time because I wanted a fun TD game to play as I was getting kind of bored of some of the things I was playing at that time in the Winter of '13/'14. I was in such a hurry to get this new game that I even purchased the tier which grants Beta access. Here we are, two years later and I’m still waiting (even for just the Beta). I very much understand that things take time, especially when you factor in that Level Up Labs is a small team, which is easily affected by life events, (I think one of the devs had a kid recently?) but man, woo, that’s a long time.

Honestly, what keeps me interested in this are a few reasons:

  1. I paid money for this, so I’d really like to get SOMETHING for it.

  2. I’m actually really looking forward to this game. I mean, I enjoyed DQ1, but my main issue with it was the skill/item systems were bad/generic (IMHO) and the characters were generic based on their class (idk about y’all, but the idea of having 20+ or whatever guys in my party is kinda annoying). The fact that DQ2 promises unique characters and more dynamic gear is great.

  3. For all that it may sound like I’m griping, I actually really like this studio; they have intelligent, down-to-earth people who know how to think outside the box. Also, as alluded to earlier, I understand that things can get in the way of progress, so I can sympathize with them.

Anyways, just wanted to give a +1 to OP here.


For what it’s worth, I agree. I pre-ordered at Alpha tier on 4/10/15 because I really loved DQ1 and I agree with Conan (nice UHF reference) that DQ2 looks like it will be even better. But as I’ve seen forum and blog posts since then it seems like there has been a lot of focus on engine-building, supporting open source, and not very many updates on the game itself. I’m a software developer myself and I certainly understand the issues that come up. But I do think supporters deserve at least more status updates. I know that would make me feel a lot better about supporting DQ2.


There aren’t really many things to talk about, but almost all bugs related to graphics have been fixed (at least in the lower resolutions), so it looks really smooth! Once DQ1HD is complete, you should start seeing more of DQ2!


Alrighty, good to know I’m not alone. “There aren’t really many things to talk about” is not really an argument. It’s about getting keeping people informed. I absolutely loved DQ1 and just realized I have actually racked up more hours on it than Fallout 3 (which means something since I am a total freak when it comes to Fallout), so when DQ2 was announced I was very happy and did not think even a minute about pre-ordering the game. Something I had not done before and haven’t done since, partly because of my experience with DQ2.

Anyways, even if there is not a lot to tell, ANY information is better than none. There has be any indication on when DQ1 HD will be finished. I mean, at this point I’d be satisfied with a statement telling us “Sometime in 2017”. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if the project is still alive before I went to the forums and even here I have yet to see a clear statement. Not being clear on the official website is just grossly negligent on parts of the developers since there’s probably very few people who will pay money for a project that seems dead.

In conclusion: LULabs, talk to us! Please? :sob:


FYI it looks like they made a Facebook post in response to this thread. Here is the text:

Hey everyone! I apologize that I haven’t checked on the Facebook page in a while - I’ll attempt to be better about that going forward.
A few people have asked about progress on Defender’s Quest 2. We certainly are a bit behind (well, a little over a year behind), and this happened for a few reasons. A combination of babies being born (which for a team of 1 full time and 2 part time is a big hit to productivity), a lot of back-end tech work, and a small hop over to completing Defender’s Quest 1 HD (…/) have pulled us back a bit. That said, the project is still very much moving forward, we have lots of art being made, music written, story arcs constructed, and the engine technology very nearly done.
So thanks for your patience, sorry for the delays, but we hope that the final result will be worth it!


Yeah, he’s mentioned his new baby on Twitter a bit. For any indie dev a baby will slow things down a little while, especially when it’s the core developer. :slight_smile:


Quick question: What’s the URL for the FB page? I tried Google & the FB search but could only find a personal coaching company by the same name…

Also: Having kids certainly changes one’s perspective and priorities. Still, I know for a fact that it is not impossible to post a few sentences in-between diaper changes and I don’t think that’s asking too much.