Save Causes crash, cant find save


So at some point I had the great idea(terrible idea) to do some savegame hackering. I tried to make myself wield all books at once and give myslef lots of points into skills. The result is that whenever I click “start” I get “error 1125” and I cant find the folder that contains my messed up save.

Edit: Resolved. I Made a new “user” on my computer and download DQ to it and checked where saves are stored. Instead of “Application Support” it was in “Preferences”


Hmm, the savefile folder is somewhere in the AppData folder.
Oh, and, only Azra can weild books, and only 2 at the time. Breaking those “rules” breaks the game too. Same for making skills go over 9 (or 15 in Azra’s case).


Trouble is, I’m on a mac. While I know that the “application support” is the mac version of appdata, there is no folder or anything related to Defender’s Quest in there.


That’s bad… Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the game? There’s an option that says if you want to keep your savefiles in the uninstall (I think).


On the save slot screen:

Click the button with the folder+wrench icon. This will take you to where your save files are stored.


The game displays this error before the screen where I can select the save folder and the only option it gives me is quit. I’ve deleted everything I can find of the game from my computer and reinstalled it but that didnt solve the problem.


I take it from the edit you were able to resolve this?