Slak shoes



I bought this game for my girl friend who like it.

We only finished the first game, but she was disapointed because Slak doesn’t find shoes… it was the first sentence who Slak say when we first met him !

In Game+, maybe some quest for this shoes? I don’t know yet but i think it may be fun if a Shoes’s quest exist.

thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes.


Add in a bonus sidequest mission, far in the desert. Have it require 201 gold stars in NewGame+. Title it ‘Slak’s Shoes’, Slak eats desert mushrooms and wakes up there for a trippy battle.

Have it spawn every boss in the game at once coming from different lanes, including Zelemir and the final boss on portals. The reward: Slak’s Shoes. An armor equippable only by Slak, which grants +99 Speed and +99 Attack.

Alas, he still cannot wear armor. =(


We thought about this a lot but never got around to it, unfortunately :frowning:

Of course, via mods you could always add a new kind of armor called “shoes” and make them equippable by berserkers :slight_smile:


Maybe not all berserkers, just Slak ^^


You can make the shoes an unique item. :wink: