STEAM v 1.0.64: 'Freezes' without error reports



Send me a PM and I can give you a tester invite if you like :slight_smile:


When can we expect the version with the fix to be uploaded to Steam?


Soon. GDC wiped me out. Last time I uploaded to Steam in a rush I broke the build, so I’m going to be careful and take my time with the next patch. Probably next week.


“Next week” is over and I’m still waiting… :wink:

I must say I’m rather baffled that there’s a bug which freezes the game whenever trying to use one of the six character classes (boosted to max) which is a very major issue in my opinion, you’ve had the fix for it for over a month and yet you still haven’t uploaded it to Steam, even though the vast majority of your customers use that platform.


I’m working on it. Life happens and we’re understaffed, as always.


In any case, I’m uploading version 1.0.71 to Steam/Windows as a public beta branch right now. If it survives for a few days with no major new bugs, I’ll push it live, with Mac/Linux/GOG/etc/ to follow.

Once I’ve confirmed that 1.0.71 is stable and good, then I’ll also fix the bugs on my public update server and push through that, too (this will also fix the problems with Kong not being able to download the full version).


Thanks for your time and effort.


Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: My upload scheduling/pipeline is certainly far from perfect.