Stenography for Programming


So I'm learning Stenography.

I ordered a UTOPEN stenoboard recently and this is what it looks like fully assembled (and with masking tape "training wheel" labels):

At this point you're either thinking:

"um... why would a game developer want to learn Steno?"

Or perhaps:

"what the heck is Stenography?"


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Thank you for a very interesting post. I did not know about steno nor plover, and I find them fascinating. I also read the diary of your progress, and it would be great to have a way to know when you update it.


Hey Brab!

I’ll eventually move the diary to a more permanent home (like a static page on this blog platform that I update from time to time, linked to a forum thread or something that pings when its updated). In the meantime, so far for its 10 day existence I’ve updated it every day (with a break yesterday – Sunday – as my first exception), and I intend to keep this general pattern.


Wow! I never even heard of this, it looks really cool and handy to use (if you know how to). Would give it a try if I could. :slight_smile:


Great, thanks!

Your signature says “Norwegian+Texan”. Are you planning to do multi-lingual input? As I spend half of my time writing French, and the other half writing English, I feel like I would need to learn steno twice …


I am indeed multilingual and in QWERTY land am used to switching between English, Norwegian, and occasionally Spanish keyboard layouts. For Steno, if I’m getting this right, the mapping of chords to words is called a “Theory”, and there are various theories available for different languages. I think a lot of the skills in learning any kind of steno can transfer to a language-specific Steno Theory, but I’m pretty well out of my depth here and you’d have to ask someone more experienced for better information. @StenoKnight on twitter knows a lot about this stuff.


That kind of sounds like what Mirabai was talking about in the video. Learning Steno reminded me of when I was my two linguistics courses a few years ago, and we had to learn the IPA and phonetic spellings of things. So it sounds to me that, so long as there’s a Steno Theory, or some sort of base to start defining the phonetic spellings into actual words of a different language, that it should be possible to put into other languages, since there was the guy asking about Russian input since their alphabet has more letters than English.
But I didn’t really research Steno beyond the informative video given, so I’m just basing this off what little knowledge I have retained about learning to spell phonetically and Steno.


I’m curious whether you ended up having success with this. Any updates?


It was a fun experiment and I still practice with it, I’m pretty good typing regular words with it, but think I’ll wait until DQHD is out before I try to make the jump to programming with it.