The God-King Walks Again Extreme NG+


So I finally beat the final level on extreme ng+. It was super frustrating until I figured out a strat that worked. I figured i’d share it with you all with this picture I made. Good luck! The last achievement I need is the 100 waves in endless2+ :smile:


Took me like 6 hours of attempts to get to wave 100 but I finally have 100% completion!


I’ll just stick with not having more than 3 of any unit and doing it on casual mode, thanks. :smiley:


Hey Daniel, manually upped your trust level to 1 so you don’t have to wait however long it takes to graduate. This is super cool! Feel free to inline the images in an edit if you like.


Thanks Lars. Been watching the Devs play defender’s quest series. It’s interesting to hear the developer side of their own game since I’m slowly working on my own rpg.


Congrats! It’s a hard level, to be sure. And wave 100 is a fun challenge, too.

When I saw the forum digest in my e-mail, I was so excited to see this because I misread it and thought you were in hero mode. I haven’t played any games at all since my son got sick back in January or February, but was hoping someone was carrying on at making 201 stars possible in hero mode.

But still, congrats; it’s nice to see people playing DQ.


Wow, that’s incredible! Great job!