The Rule of Firsts in Game Testing -- DQ2 Progress Report for June 2021

Howdy Defender's Quest fans!

Way back when I was still testing Defender's Quest 1, I encountered a phenomenon I call "The Rule of Firsts," which is:

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Re: thinking Boosting is temporary…

when I see the name “Boost”, I’m going to assume it’s temporary, too. A Boost is temporary in virtually every game that has them. It’s basically game-speak for “temporary bonus”, universal between different genres and even entire classes of games - Boosts are temporary online pay-to-win city-builders,first person shooters, and tabletop board games.

It’s kind of weird because if I’m understanding it right, it’s also not actually permanent: since you don’t use generic towers but named characters, and their “Boosts” wear off between levels, Boost is actually a little more appropriate than it would be in any other TD. But I might still go with something like “Upgrade” or “Enchant” or “Level Up” over Boost if I were looking to communicate that it’ll last the entire level.