Unable to upgrade Charlatan's Staff


I have more than enough stone skulls for the cost listed, but I’m unable to upgrade the Charlatan’s Staff. The upgrade button can be clicked but nothing happens.

Windows 7, Steam version 1.0.64.



Weird, thanks for this. I’ll look into it. Anyone else having this problem?


Yes. I have the five skulls it asks for, but it will not upgrade.

Edit: I also already have the Charlatan’s Staff+, so it does seem to have just not been removed from the upgrade options.


This happened to me today. Turns out I already had the upgraded staff as well as the non-upgraded staff.


same here, i have enough skull but i can’t upgrade it.

here my save, on window 7, version steam v 1.0.64

edit: my bad as druintor said i also have the upgraded version already equipped so the bug must be that the first version don’t disappear when we upgrade it.


Same thing’s happening to me!


I am also unable to upgrade my Charlatan’s Staff. In my case, I do not ever see the upgraded version – nothing happens when I try to upgrade the staff.

OS: Windows 7
Game version: 1.0.64

Before Bug: Visited the yellow-circle Hermit upgrade shop. With sufficient skulls, I selected the Charlatan’s Staff and pressed the upgrade button.

I expected skulls to be subtracted and the Charlatan’s Staff to be upgraded to Charlatan’s Staff+.

Instead, nothing happens – no skulls subtracted, no upgrade occurs, and I retain the original staff.

Further information:
All 3 such upgrade shops I have unlocked show the same behavior.
My save file was originally from the demo a year ago, then from an older version of the game a year ago, and only imported to the new version of the game recently.


This bug’s been widely reported. There’s a script that basically puts it back in your inventory to account for early demo versions of the game that had the wrong reward info (so you wind up with a save where you had beaten the level that rewarded it to you, but you didn’t have it in your inventory). However, this doesn’t account for the fact that you might have upgraded it :slight_smile: So you keep getting this unupgraded version, even if you manually delete it.

Will fix in next patch if I can.


Okay, checked on some of your save files, and in all cases it’s caused by the same bug. Each person has an un-upgraded Charlatan’s staff, and an upgraded one (usually it’s equipped to somebody).

You can’t upgrade the crappy one, because the game won’t let you have two copies of a unique item.

The new patch in version 1.0.68 (on test server shortly) solves this in two ways:

  1. The script that gives you the charlatan’s staff if you’ve beaten the level that gives it you now checks to see if A) you DO NOT have the charlatan’s staff already, as WELL as B) you DO NOT have the charalatan’s staff+.

  2. I’ve added an additional script that removes charalatan’s staff (crappy version) if you also have charlatan’s staff+.

This means that all your problems should be automagically solved in the next patch just by running the new game.

I will post when the new build is up.


Version 1.0.68 is live on the test server. PM me if you need/want tester access credentials.