[v.1.1.27] Purple bleed icon


I’ve encountered a problem where bleed debuff is shown on the monster in purple, just like poison debuff. It’s a graphical glitch, the mechanics is correct. It happens only when Ranger’s skill in poison is higher than in bleed (apparently).

System: Windows 7 64-bit
Version: 1.1.27
Description: It happens on different maps. My ranger has 8 poison and 1 bleed. When she puts bleed on someone, it depicts in purple, just as poison. Monster information, however, shows correctly what it really is, and if a monster is both under bleed and poison, both debuffs will be purple. See the screenshots below. When I re-skilled the same Ranger to 1 poison 8 bleed, the glitch disappeared, everything was depicted correctly. When I switched back to 8 poison 1 bleed, same thing again.


The second screenshot with both effects at the same time.


I have re-installed the game, started a new party, and I don’t have this issue anymore with my new poison archer. But now I have no clue what happened with my last archer and why she made bleed debuffs purple, as seen on the screenshots. I hadn’t discovered the poison bow at the time, so it’s not where the problem was.


You probably installed an updated version, seeing as this is kind of “old”.