Where are my recruits on NG+


Hi, I just finished all the levels in normal play and started a NG+ by selecting the Play+ option. I have no recruits at all and have had to play each level so far with just lightning. When I go to a town to hire a recruit the game says my recruits are full, yet they aren’t there when I select Party. How do I get access to my recruits?


I noticed that when I started NG+ the map showed a few battles with red circles and 3 gold stars, a couple of purple circles with no stars and some red circles with blue stars - even though it was the first time I played NG+!! Starting to look like something is corrupted. I originally played the game online then exported and continues on the desktop version. I wonder if this caused issues?


Maybe you could try attaching the savegame here (zipped) so that somebody could either try to reproduce the problem or at least have a look.
What is your game version?


game version is v.1.1.27

I think I have managed to get it working. I had an older saved file from a time when I played the desktop version some months ago on another machine before NG+ patch came out (I started a new game online this time because at the time it was a hassle getting access to the other machine with the installed desktop version of DQ).

I am almost certain it was some sort of corruption caused by exporting from online and importing into desktop. By hacking around with the XML (mostly coping and pasting) I managed to get it working correctly (I hope!). I gave myself another 500k scrap as compensation for my troubles :lol: