Will DQ2 work on a 3200x1800 display?


I take it back… Fullscreen scales beautifully at 100% scaling, and the game is quite playable. It’s everything else on the computer that’s miserable (including the trackpad at this resolution).

One enhancement request: When attempting to use the device as a touchscreen, I have to double-tap for DQHD to register a click (using either finger or pen). Anything you can do to improve that would be appreciated.



Okay, to totally solve all your problems I’m going to have to make a few isolated test applications that just isolate touch, or DPI scaling, by themselves so we can have a proper go at them. Are you up for that in the coming days/weeks?


I’d be glad to help. DQ and DQ2 seem like ideal games for the SP4. Just let me know what you need. After this week, I’ll be back at work and could only test evenings/weekends.

For what it’s worth, the art scales perfectly and beautifully, but the text is a bit pixellated and aliased.

That being said, I think the cutscene sprite placement may be slightly off. In the caravan scene with Azra’s arms spread, her right hand is off to the side of the screen and into the black area. Just tested the demo on my desktop (1920x1200) and she’s placed well within the background.

I’ve also noticed that on the SP4, the wave indicator is on the top, while on my desktop, it’s on the left side of the screen. Overall, I’m impressed with how you’ve accomodated the scaling to different displays. My 3:2 and 16:10 displays aren’t the most common, and the game works well on both.



Now that DQDX is out, do you still want to try and set up some test cases for the SP4? Fullscreen seems to work with scaling now, but touch still requires a double-tap.

On a very minor issue, it seems like the cutscenes don’t scale perfectly to a 3:2 display. Sprites regularly extend past the left and right edges of the background, which does not fill the entire horizontal space of the screen.


@vinco – if you could file any issues like this you find, please post them to the bug tracker. We definitely want to sort all this stuff out:

We can add a “touch” label if that would make it easier to categorize things too (only me and the mods can add labels)