Will DQ2 work on a 3200x1800 display?


I have a laptop with crazy high resolution, especially for a 13 inch screen. Will this be supported? For example by scaling text to be larger.


In theory it shouldn’t be too hard, seeing as DQ already supports up to 1080p on windowed mode. (Not sure if you meant fullscreen.)


Hmm, I don’t have access to that kind of device, but if you’re willing to help us test we can find out! Are you a DQ2 alpha backer or alternatively, a testing volunteer?

Basically, the core game engine has a flexible resolution switcher that can go to “any” resolution, including whatever the fullscreen is. The master assets themselves top out in detail at a hypothetical resolution of “1200p” (ie, exactly twice the vertical resolution of the original 800x600 game, but in a 16:9 aspect ratio).

In theory things will still scale past that point, they’ll just be a bit blurry, but the pixels will be so small at that point from the ultra high resolution I doubt the eye would really notice.

Text and user interface is based on “points” which scale with the screen. So when I say a font is “12 points” it is 12 pixels tall at the lowest resolution, 600 vertical pixels. So after that, it scales proportionately. So at 1200 vertical pixels a “12 point” font is 24 pixels tall, etc.


Ah ok, that sounds like a great solution. No, I’m not a backer (didn’t know it was possible) but I’d gladly test it out for you. Just let me know how. :smile:


Having that kind of high-spec resolution would definitely be valuable for our testing initiatives so we’ll be glad to have you on board. PM me with your preferred email address (so we can send a google drive invite) and I’ll hook you up.


I feel a bit silly but I can’t figure out how to send PMs :smiley:


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Mmm I looked there but I don’t have that button. Maybe it’s because I’m too new a user? See if you can PM me first. :smile:


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Thanks, I managed to send one now :slight_smile:


After some initial testing with a few people with high-dpi monitors, I think I’ve wrapped my head around the whole concept. This week I’ll be trying out some new resolution options that specifically deal with this, details to come soon.


Sorry for the thread necro but I was wondering about this also. I am on a Samsung 34" S34E790C 21:9 @ 3440x1440.

I backed the alpha back in Jan 2014 and would love to help if needed.


Have you tried the fullscreen option? Would be great if the game could automatically scale up/down natively.


Speaking of odd displays, I have a Surface Pro 4 (i7 version) I’d like to offer up for testing, should that be useful. It’s got a 2736×1824 display (3:2), so it should be a good test case for odd resolutions. FWIW, I just purchased the beta tier, so I’ll plan on using that device during the appropriate development phase.


You can try it right now on one of the DQHD demo builds:

DQHD is literally using the DQII engine, so it would be an appropriate test.


Grabbing it now. I’ll see how the game behaves and let you know.


Answer is “Not that well”. I went into options, saw that the 2736x1824 resolution was available in the 4:3 category, selected it, then went to fullscreen. Now that I’m in fullscreen, it’s definitely not scaling well to the display, and I can no longer select anything in the menu. It just won’t register the mouse clicks. It seems to be interacting poorly with the Windows display scaling as well, as setting the window to 1920x1200 has resulted in a window covering my entire display. Looks like 1600x900 is basically a screen-filling window, but mouse clicks still work, as does mouseover.

For the record: Display scaling is at 200%


Cool, thanks for the feedback.

  1. The “fullscreen” option just directly matches whatever your screen is, or at least it tries to. It doesn’t matter what window size you had picked, that only affects windowed mode.

  2. What happens if you turn display scaling to 100% instead?

I suspect it’s an interaction with the High DPI / Retina business. We had some issues with this on Mac, I can look into making it work better with Windows. What sort of display device(s) do you have, and what setting are you using to enable display scaling?



I’m using a Surface Pro 4 with its built in display. I’ll try turning scaling to 100% for testing, but that’s going to be a miserable experience on a 12.3" screen. I’m just using the standard Windows 10 scaling options.