'You don't have access to view this' forum bug strikes again


I had ‘General’ selected as my forum category, I double-checked that I did. When I submitted it, this happened.

I wonder what causes this error? Because my drop-down list of forums doesn’t list anything I can submit to that I don’t have access to.


I can’t access that either, odd.


Same, and I’m on mobile right now


Sorry folks, let me fix this.


Argh, this is caused by a stupid thing I did when setting things up – I was trying to remove the “uncategorized” category, not realizing that it was some special hard-coded catch-all category, and I seem to have relegated it to some limbo-like-s tate. Let me try to revivify it, should have this sorted real soon. If you don’t mind, I’m going to leave the post in its “zombie” state for now (I can see it but no one else can) as evidence of the issue so I’ll know when it’s fixed.


Alright, should be fixed now. This apparently was only happening to mods & admins (Hollow, I believe you’re a mod), who could post to the topic which basically no-one else (including mods) could see. Weird.