Youtubers / Twitchers / Reviewers to reach out to?


We’re gearing up for a press push, and I figured I might as well check in to see if any of you have any special recommendations for people to reach out to. I’ve done my own homework, but always good to gut check.

There’s a list floating around called “The Big List of Youtubers” that I adapted here:


All I did was apply some scores based on genre likes/dislikes/audience size, then sort it. I figure it’s best to target our attention towards people who actually like our sort of game so we don’t get a reputation for being spammy. Then follow up with targeted, personal, emails, etc.

TinyBuild used to have a similar list for Twitch but took it down because it was apparently too much of a temptation for people to spam streamers.

In any case, if you have any recommendations while I do my homework, I’m all ears!


Well, you should probably contact some of the youtubers who have played/reviewed other big TD games-- for example Kingdom Rush. Some of the youtubers who reviewed/played Kingdom Rush:

tokshen, Superjombombo3, Totalbiscuit, Murasaki Kimidori, CrotaGaming, Wyvern Studios, …

As well as people who reviewed/played Bloons TD 5:

Thinknoodles, aliensrock50, …


Thanks! I guess I should also look for people who have played Sanctum 1/2, Gemcraft, Defense Grid…


Assuming you haven’t had the chance to go over these yet… - Etup (26k followers), Crowdingo (6.6k) - xxyrogodx (4.3k)

Not much luck with the other best sellers, just a bunch of channels with like 10~ followers.


Thanks for the recs everyone!


if You like i can let’s play DQ HD or 2 at youtube too. but i just started 5 month ago(1.000 supscribers) mostly german.